Axios mAX

(Panalytical, Netherlands, 2011)
Fluorescent x-ray spectrometer with wave dispersion (WDXRF) Axios mAX
(Panalytical, Netherlands, 2011)
X-ray source 4 kW x-ray tube with Rh anode STmax160;
Detectors: proportional flow, proportional sealed (with Xe gas), highly effective scintillation;
Six crystals-analysers (elements from O to U);
Software: SuperQ – for standard-less quantitative analysis; Ni-Fe-Co – for quantitative analysis of alloys; FP-Multi - for quantitative analysis and determination of thickness of thin films; Pro-Trace - for quantitative analysis of trace elements.

Equipment for sample preparation
Pulverisette 6 (FRITSCH, Germany) - the ball grinding-mill for a preparation of powder samples (salts, soil, ceramics, minerals). Volume of tungsten carbide bowl 80 ml, 5 balls of tungsten carbide;
TP-20 (Herzog, Germany) Hydraulic press for the formation powder samples in the form of tablet (Φ 37, Φ 20 and Φ 10 mm);
Eagon 2 (Panalytical, Netherlands, 2011) - fully automated fusion furnace for fused bead sample preparation (Φ 27 mm);
Tegramin-25 (Stuers, Denmark) – fully automated system for sample preparation by surface polishing.