X-ray diffractometer SmartLab

(Rigaku, Japan, 2011)
X-ray source: 9 kW x-ray source tube with rotating Cu anode;
Optics for polycrystalline samples: parallel beam/Bragg-Brentano, polycapillary; CALSA – crystal array monochromator of especially high resolution and intensity for diffracted beam (Cu Kα1 for polycrystalline specimens); bent/flat graphite monochromator for diffracted beam;
High resolution optics: Ge monochromators: Ge (220)Χ2, Ge (220)Χ4, Ge (400)Χ2; analysers: Ge (220)Χ2, Ge (400)Χ2;
Detectors: scintillation SC-70, 1D (linear) D/teX Ultra, 2D (two dimensional) Pilatus 100K;
Sample stages: Eulerian cradle (Ψ, ϕ, x, y, z), X-Y (50-50 mm) stage, RxRy stage, stage for powder samples, high temperature stage Anton Paar DHS 1100 (temperatures up to +1100 ℃ in vacuum or He gas atmosphere);
Vacuumed path for x-rays diffracted at small angles (SAXS);
Special axis for In-plane method;
Software: SmartLab Guidance; PDXL2; GlobalFit; 3D Explore; NANO-Solver3 Powder diffraction database: PDF4+ (2017 release).