Spectrometer of x-ray photoelectrons AXIS Supra+

(Kratos Analytical, UK, 2019)
Monochromatic X-ray source with Al/Ag anode to produce X-rays at 1487/2984 eV;
Gas Cluster Ion Source (GCIS, Minibeam 6):
• Monoatomic Mode – a beam of Ar+ ions of energy 500 eV to 8 keV suitable for sputter depth profiling of inorganic or metallic materials,
• Cluster Mode – a beam of Arn+ cluster ions is produced at energies up to 20 keV suitable for the depth profiling of organic and polymeric materials.
Hemispherical analyser (HSA) and spherical mirror analyser (SMA) (elements above Li);
Delay-Line Detector (DLD): scanned spectroscopy, un-scanned snapshot spectroscopy and 2D imaging modes.
Heat and cool accessories allow samples mounted on a heat/cool sample holder to be heated up to +800 °C or cooled to <-100 °C before or during the measurement.
The charge neutraliser provides a source of low energy electrons to neutralise positive charge built up on the insulator sample surface.
Ion Scattering Spectrometry (ISS) – extremely surface sensitive technique, Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) – designed for valence band acquisition and electronic workfunction measurement.
The air sensitive transporter allows to transfer samples that are sensitive to atmospheric contamination or reaction from a clean area.